Research on SD Biofertilizer Supported by National Science Foundation Grant

Revolutionizing Sustainable Agriculture: South Dakota Researchers Collaborate on Biofertilizer Development

In an interview on “In the Moment” on SDPB Radio, researchers from South Dakota Mines, South Dakota State University, North Dakota State University, and Sitting Bull College discussed their collaboration to explore alternatives to synthetic fertilizer. With a $4 million National Science Foundation award, the scientific team is working on developing biofertilizers to improve sustainability and efficiency in South Dakota’s croplands.

Tanvi Govil, Ph.D., an assistant professor of chemical and biological engineering at Mines, shared her insights on the project, emphasizing the importance of creating more sustainable agricultural practices. Prasoon Diwakar, Ph.D., an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at South Dakota Mines also highlighted the potential benefits of utilizing biofertilizers in place of traditional synthetic options.

Their research aims to address the environmental impact of synthetic fertilizers while enhancing crop productivity in South Dakota. By identifying and developing innovative biofertilizers, the team hopes to provide farmers with a more eco-friendly and efficient alternative for their agricultural needs. This collaborative effort represents a significant step towards promoting sustainable agriculture practices in the region.

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