Installation of giant offshore wind turbines using crane systems

Revolutionizing Offshore Wind Energy with Lightweight and Efficient Crane Systems: WindSpider Leads the Way

Norwegian company WindSpider has developed a groundbreaking system that reduces the cost of installing offshore wind turbines by 50%. The new generation of offshore wind turbines is larger than ever, with towers reaching skyscraper heights and blades spanning over 310 meters in diameter. Lifting these massive components to the top of the towers is a significant challenge, especially from crane ships that can cost millions to operate daily.

To address this issue, WindSpider has created an ultra-light crane system that uses an aluminum exoskeleton built around the tower and a heavy-duty crane designed to handle loads over 1,500 tons. The frame also supports a blade tool that helps lift and position the turbine blades as well as other tools for maintenance and replacement of turbine components.

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