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Revolutionizing Industries: The IoT Solutions World Congress 2024 in Barcelona

The IoT Solutions World Congress (IOTSWC) 2024 is a premier event that will take place from May 21-23, 2024 in Barcelona, Spain. With over 400 exhibitors and more than 125 talks structured around four key topics – technology-enabled transformation, climate change and sustainability, regulations and standards, and cybersecurity – attendees can expect to be inspired by the latest industry developments.

One of the highlights of IOTSWC will be Claudio Makarovsky, who will be presenting as the director of energy and natural resources industries at Microsoft. Additionally, executives from Microsoft partners such as Accenture, Johnson Controls, and Schneider Electric will also be present to share their insights and expertise.

The event’s exhibitors will showcase their solutions in areas such as internet of things, artificial intelligence, digital twins, edge computing, augmented reality, 5G connectivity, renewable energy and more. It is an excellent opportunity for businesses looking to learn about the latest innovations in these fields and how they can apply them to transform their operations.

For more information or to register for IOTSWC visit the event’s website.

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