CDAO’s Alpha-1 Portfolio Contributes to Advancement of Pentagon’s AI Technology Development

Revolutionizing Defense Technology: Navy Capt. Xavier Lugo on the Power of CDAO’s Alpha-1 for AI and ML

Navy Capt. Xavier Lugo, who leads the Department of Defense Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office’s Task Force Lima, highlighted how CDAO’s Alpha-1 portfolio of enterprise tools and capabilities is playing a key role in laying the groundwork for the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. According to a report by Federal News Network, Alpha-1 is gaining momentum in providing AI and ML scaffolding, including features like data labeling as a service, test and evaluation, and federated model catalogs.

Lugo explained that data labeling was the initial capability that Alpha-1 has rolled out for DOD services and components. He mentioned that data labeling was identified as a significant gap across the department, even though some program offices had their own data labeling services. However, these services came with certain restrictions and limitations, such as data ownership and sharing concerns.

The data labeling services offered by Alpha-1 are instrumental in supporting various projects within the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps. For example, the services are being used for the Navy’s Project Harbinger, the Coast Guard’s maritime object detection efforts, and the Marine Corps’ Smart Sensor program. Through these initiatives, the DOD is leveraging Alpha-1’s capabilities to enhance its AI and ML deployment and drive innovation in defense technology.

In addition to data labeling services, Alpha-1 also provides various other features such as test and evaluation tools which helps to evaluate models performance before they are deployed into production environment while federated model catalogs helps to store different models together in one place making it easy for researchers to compare different models or share them with others.

Overall, Lugo emphasized that CDAO’s Alpha-1 portfolio of enterprise tools

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