Search operation at Moscow region terrorist attack site extended until March 26

Rescue Efforts Continue at Crocus City Hall as Death Toll Remains Unchanged

On Monday, March 25, authorities in the Moscow region announced that the search operation at the site of the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall will continue until 17:00 on Tuesday, March 26. The death toll remains unchanged at 137 and has not been updated since Sunday. The attack occurred on the evening of Friday, March 22, when four armed men entered Crocus City Hall, shooting and starting fires before escaping in a vehicle. The FSB of the Russian Federation later confirmed the detention of all four perpetrators in the Bryansk region and identified a total of 11 suspects. Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.

Debris clearance at Crocus City Hall is ongoing as rescuers, dog handlers, and builders work tirelessly to find survivors and recover bodies from the wreckage. The completion of the rescue operation was announced on Saturday evening with 137 confirmed fatalities, including three children. Not all victims have been identified, with around 100 individuals remaining hospitalized. The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations published a preliminary list of victims on March 24 that included names affected by the attack.

The list comprises 68 individuals, both male and female victims recognized. Among them are Abdulova Tatyana Anatolyevna, Almukhametov Ilya Igorevich, Baklemyshev Alexander Borisovich, Bernevik Zhanna Alexandrovna, Bespalaya Anna Alexandrovna, Boyko Tatyana Sergeevna, Bondar Natalya Vladimirovna, Bondar Svetlana Vladimirovna, Vedeneeva Irina Vladimirovna and Volkov Alexey Vyacheslavovich among others. As for product reviews and recommendations such as camping cots with mattresses microphone stands smart lighting systems steam cleaners were also highlighted in this content.

The Russian authorities have extended their search operation at Crocus City Hall to continue until Tuesday afternoon following a terrorist attack that resulted in over hundred deaths last week.

The death toll from last week’s terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall remains unchanged at 137 people after no updates since Sunday.

On Friday night four armed men entered Crocus City Hall and opened fire before setting off explosives before escaping in a vehicle.

Later on Saturday evening FSB announced that all four perpetrators had been detained in Bryansk region while identifying eleven suspects.

Islamic State has taken responsibility for this horrific event.

Debris clearance continues at Crocus City hall as rescuers work to find survivors while removing bodies from debris.

Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations released a preliminary list of victims on March 24 including names affected by this attack.

This list includes sixty-eight individuals both male and female among them are Abdulova Tatyana Anatolyevna Almukhametov Ilya Igorevich Baklemyshev Alexander Borisovich Bernevik Zhanna Alexandrovna Bespalaya Anna Alexandrovna Boyko Tatyana Sergeevna Bondar Natalya Vladimirovна Bondar Svetlana Vladimiroвна Vedeneeva Irina Vladimiroвна Volkov Alexey Vyacheslavovich among others.

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