California Business Sanctions by USDA under PACA Lifted

Reprieve for Parimar Inc. after Successful PACA Reparation Payment: Understanding the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act Dispute Resolution Process

The USDA recently announced that Parimar Inc., conducting business as D. DeFranco & Sons, has successfully fulfilled a $31,200 reparation order issued under the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA) for unpaid produce transactions. This allows the Los Angeles, Calif., based company to continue operating in the produce industry.

PACA serves as an administrative forum to resolve disputes related to produce transactions, often resulting in reparation orders issued by the USDA for damages owed when contractual obligations for buying and selling fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables are not met. The USDA is required to suspend the license or impose sanctions on businesses that fail to pay PACA reparations ordered against them, as well as impose restrictions on individuals determined to be responsibly connected to the business at the time the order is issued.

Once a reparation order is completely satisfied and all outstanding unpaid awards are settled, USDA lifts the employment restrictions on the individuals connected to the business. For more information on PACA and dispute resolution, individuals can contact Penny Robinson-Landrigan, Chief of the Dispute Resolution Branch at (202) 720-2890 or

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