Iowa school implements phone-free policy to address student mental health concerns

Reducing Distractions: How Hoover High School in Des Moines is Tackling Student Mental Health by Limiting Technology Use

Des Moines, Iowa’s Hoover High School has recently introduced new measures to support students’ mental health. The school is taking steps to reduce technology consumption in the classroom by banning phones and headphones on campus starting from the next academic year. This decision was made in response to the growing levels of anxiety and depression among students.

Assistant principal Rob Randazzo highlighted the need to rethink school environments by eliminating phones as a way to support students’ well-being. Many students, including Caden Walker, feel that excessive phone use contributes to their mental health issues by providing constant distractions. A report revealed that Generation Z phone users spend an average of 7 hours per day on their screens.

To create a healthier and more focused learning environment for students, parents are being asked to assist by discouraging social media use for children under the age of 16. By working together, the school and parents hope to promote mental wellness and academic success by limiting technology distractions in the school setting.

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