Researchers propose wearing red and green attire during the eclipse – find out the reasons why

Red and Green: Unveiling the Science Behind Eclipse Colors

On Monday, a celestial encounter will take place as the Moon obscures the Sun, casting a shadow on Earth. This event will bring darkness to those in its path, stretching from Mexico to Canada. To enhance the visual experience of this rare event, scientists suggest wearing red and green together.

This is due to the Purkinje effect, where reds appear dark and muted while greens remain vibrant. The recommendation is based on the discovery of Czech anatomist Jan Evangelista Purkyně’s two systems for seeing colors in the eye’s receptors, rods and cones. Rods are active in low light conditions, while cones are responsible for color vision in bright light. Mesopic vision occurs in between when both rods and cones are active.

During an eclipse, the sudden darkening of the sky causes a drastic change in how colors like red and green are perceived. The changes are purely physiological and cannot be captured in photographs. Therefore, anyone planning to photograph the eclipse must take safety precautions, including using proper eye protection. Stay safe and smart while observing this rare event.

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