Record-Breaking €969.7 Million Contributed to the ‘People’s Treasury’ by Citizens

The Ministry of Finance in Croatia recently completed its first national treasury bill issue, which had a total nominal value of 1.13 billion euros and a maturity date of November 21, 2024. In the first round of registration, which took place from November 13 to 20, over 37,000 individuals submitted bids for treasury bills through the network of Fine’s 170 branches. Out of these bids, 36,643 were accepted and paid in full, amounting to a total nominal value of 1.01 billion euros.

The treasury bills were subscribed at a price of €963.95 per bill with a nominal amount of €1,000, resulting in a total payment of €969.7 million by citizens. After registration was complete, citizens could pay their treasury bills at Fina counters or commercial banks or through internet banking.

The second round of treasury bill registration took place through the Bloomberg auction system and saw the participation of registered users. A total of €340.65 million worth of bids were received, with ten offers being finally accepted at a discounted price equivalent to an annual yield rate of 3.65%. The treasury bills will be issued electronically to the names on investors’ accounts on November 23 through the computer system of the Central Clearing Depository Company (SKDD).

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