World Autism Awareness Day falls on April 2nd

Raising Awareness: Our Choice Human Services in Yuma Advocates for Autism Acceptance and Inclusion

In Yuma, a local non-profit is working tirelessly to support individuals with autism in their community. Their efforts include integrating those affected by the condition into society, providing job search assistance, and participating in Special Olympics events. Francisco Medel, Residential Manager at Our Choice Human Services in Yuma, highlighted the importance of including people with autism in community activities.

World Autism Awareness Day is celebrated around the globe to promote acceptance and acknowledge the unique qualities of individuals with autism. Autism is a developmental condition that affects communication and social skills. On average one out of 36 children in the United States is diagnosed with this condition.

To show support for autism awareness, individuals can wear the color blue which represents calmness and acceptance, make a donation to a charity or attend an awareness event. Offering support to someone you know who has been affected by autism is another way to promote understanding and acceptance within our community. By coming together and recognizing the unique qualities of individuals with autism, we can foster a more accepting society that celebrates diversity.

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