Upcoming Special Events for Public Health Week in Anderson County

Raising Awareness: Anderson County Health Department Promotes Public Health Initiatives During National Week

During National Public Health Week, the Anderson County Health Department is working hard to promote public health initiatives. On April 1st, staff will be assisting patients with voter registration and collecting hygiene products to donate to the Tennessee Out-Reach Center for Homeless. They will also be offering an after-school yoga club at Glenwood Elementary in partnership with UT Extension.

On April 2nd, staff will be promoting the benefits of outdoor activities at the Anderson County Senior Center and hosting a tobacco and vaping prevention program called “Catch My Breath” at Grand Oaks Elementary for fifth graders. Anti-tobacco signage will also be distributed to participating schools.

The week’s focus on April 3rd will be on the remaining sessions of the “Catch My Breath” program for fifth graders, while on April 4th staff will encourage patients to access vaccines and distribute information flyers in the community. The Matter of Balance class at the Senior Center will continue as well.

On April 5th, collected hygiene products will be donated to the TORCH center for homeless individuals, and staff will be encouraged to take walking breaks at work. The week will end with staff attending the “Celebration of a Young Child” event to showcase the health department’s services and promote the future of public health.

Director Charles Turner expressed pride in his team’s hard work and dedication to providing a variety of health programs and services in their community such as care coordination through CHANT, GIFTS pregnancy smoking cessation program, and TNSTRONG advocating for tobacco-free lifestyles.

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