Crowds gather at the Brandenburg Gate and Sonnenallee

Protesters Unite in Berlin for Gaza: A Call for Ceasefire Amid Tensions

In Berlin, people gathered to protest the ongoing situation in Gaza, sparked by the Israeli army’s recent attack on Rafah. The Brandenburg Gate saw around 300 protesters launching chants and waving Palestinian flags, with no reports of physical violence. However, there were tensions as a journalist was attacked during the event.

Meanwhile, in Neukölln, a spontaneous meeting took place on the corner of Pannierstrasse and Sonnenallee. Around 100 people chanted “Free Palestine” and “Ceasefire Now”. Videos shared on social media also showed protesters spelling out “Rafah” with tea lights and demanding an end to the Israeli occupation, labeling Israel as a terrorist state and shouting “Stop the Genocide” and “Free Palestine”.

The protests are believed to be linked to the Israeli army’s attack on Rafah, which has resulted in an influx of people coming to Berlin to demonstrate against the situation in Gaza and the conflict between Israel and Palestine. The events were deemed a success by those present.

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