Prime Minister Celebrates 15 Goals Scored by Grubišić in Osijek

The 10th round of the Premier League passed without any major incidents, with most hosts emerging victorious. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the battle for entry into the Champions League will be fierce.

The match between Varaždin and Osijek was full of excitement, with Osijek leading 5-0 early on. However, Varaždin quickly came back and took the lead at halftime with a score of 17-14. In the second half, Varaždin continued to dominate and won with a final score of 35-29.

Zagreb had to rest some key players against Gorica, but they still managed to secure a convincing victory. Gorica led by a goal or two in the first half, but Zagreb took control in the second half and emerged triumphant.

Karlovac and Trogir played a tightly contested match, with Karlovac maintaining a narrow lead throughout the game. Trogir waited for their chance but ultimately fell short and lost to Karlovac.

In an unexpected turn of events, Igor Vori’s team defeated Moslavina in the last 15 minutes of play, while Križevci extended their losing streak to six games without a win. Despite their efforts to redeem themselves, Poreč emerged victorious over Križevci.

Spačva dominated the match against Metković from start to finish, while Rudar won painlessly against Kaštela in the derby matchup.

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