Post-War Trauma Expert Predicts Thousands will Suffer from PTSD

The speaker highlighted that even individuals who have witnessed terrorist attacks, security escalations, or severe traffic accidents face a similar situation. According to him, the majority of these people, at least 80%, will experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress within the hours, days, and first few months following the event. However, most manage to overcome these symptoms without professional treatment.

The speaker also emphasized that therapeutic intervention can significantly reduce the likelihood of developing post-traumatic stress disorder. Nonetheless, it is crucial to avoid interfering with natural recovery processes as it could increase the chance of developing this disorder.

Despite the passage of about a month and a half since the difficult events, those still experiencing symptoms are classified as post-traumatic. It was challenging to estimate the exact percentage of participants in this category, but it was believed to be around ten percent. Many more individuals encounter difficult situations and require treatment.

The professor estimated that about 30,000 Israelis were defined as post-traumatic; however, he expected this number to be much larger due to a lack of qualified professionals available for treatment. He also highlighted that addressing this issue would require years of struggle and technological advancements in treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder.

In conclusion, the professor emphasized the importance of developing new treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder and supporting family members and friends who require treatment and support. He believed that survivors with post-traumatic stress could integrate into the labor market and contribute positively to society’s growth while reducing manpower shortages.

Overall, it is crucial for individuals experiencing trauma to receive appropriate support and care from professionals who can help them recover quickly from their traumatic experiences.

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