Novara Welcomes the Return of the Second Edition of the Piedmont Innovation Roadshow

Piedmont Innovation Roadshow 2021: Igniting Growth Through Collaboration and Cutting-Edge Technology

The National Association of Young Innovators (ANGI) is set to host the second edition of the Piedmont Innovation Roadshow, a digital event that aims to highlight the excellence of the Piedmontese territory and foster collaboration between businesses, universities, innovators, and institutions. This year’s Roadshow will take place in Novara on March 26, with support from local authorities and industry leaders.

President of ANGI, Gabriele Ferrieri, expressed excitement for this important edition, highlighting the commitment to supporting the Piedmont territory and fostering collaboration among various sectors. The event aims to bring together business excellence, academic expertise, and innovative ideas to drive growth and development in the region.

The conference will focus on topics such as ecological and digital transition, artificial intelligence, smart cities, sustainability, and new organizational models. Industry experts from businesses, startups, large companies

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