Phoenix named one of the Top 10 cities for sports business opportunities

Phoenix: A Top 10 Sports Business Destination and Host to the NBA All-Star Weekend in 2027

Phoenix has been recognized as a top 10 city for sports business, according to a recent report by Sports Business Journal. This ranking was based on several factors, including venue quantity, media partnerships, key vendors, safety, hospitality, and entertainment.

Phoenix was ranked as a leading sports market in the Western region, just below Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The Valley was praised for its accessibility, with 14 professional sports venues located within an hour’s drive. Additionally, the area’s thriving casual golfing culture was highlighted by executives.

The Phoenix area has hosted major sporting events before and is no stranger to hosting them. In addition to the All-Star Weekend, the city hosts other permanent events such as the NASCAR United Rentals Work United 500 and the ATP Arizona Tennis Classic.

The NBA has announced that Phoenix will be hosting the 2027 All-Star Weekend, which Suns owner Mat Ishbia is thrilled about. With 26 major sports venues in total, including a Super Bowl stadium and a PGA Tour venue, Phoenix has experience in hosting major events. Additionally, Phoenix has invested heavily in new venues in recent years, such as the Legacy Sports Complex in Mesa. The comparatively low tax rate of the city also makes it attractive for events like this one.

Overall, Phoenix is excited to showcase its sports business capabilities on a national stage during the 2027 NBA All-Star Weekend.

In conclusion,

Phoenix’s recognition as a top 10 city for sports business by Sports Business Journal reflects its commitment to hosting major sporting events and investing in new venues like the Legacy Sports Complex in Mesa. With its comparatively low tax rate of just 12.57%, Phoenix attracts not only visitors but also businesses looking to host events like these.

The NBA’s decision to host the 2027 All-Star Weekend in Phoenix is sure to be met with excitement from fans of basketball around the world who are eager to witness one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies in all of professional sports.

Suns owner Mat Ishbia couldn’t be happier about this announcement since it will not only bring more revenue but also more attention to his beloved city of Phoenix through national exposure during this event.

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