Over 20 schools in France on high alert as threats of attacks prompt mass student evacuations amid heightened tension

Paris Schools on High Alert: 20 Institutions Targeted by Terrorist Attack Threats

A wave of terrorist attack threats swept through Paris’s schools between Tuesday and Wednesday, causing alarm among students, staff and the public. According to the rectorate of the French capital, at least 20 schools in different neighborhoods were affected by these threats.

Among them was Pierre Alviset school in the V neighborhood of Paris, which had to evacuate all its students before 9 am due to bomb threats received via the ETN system. In the 16th neighborhood, Jean de la Fontaine high school also received a bomb alert that forced the evacuation of over 1,700 students.

These incidents occurred after Russia’s recent terrorist attack by ISIS K and threats made against France. The ETN system messages referenced bomb threats accompanied by alarming content, leading to the closure of accounts that received these messages to prevent further exposure to students.

The situation is further exacerbated by tensions surrounding Muslim students’ use of veils in schools and conflicts between school officials and parents over this issue. The resignation of Maurice-Ravel Lycée’s director after receiving death threats has brought attention to these challenges faced by school leaders in maintaining security and upholding secular values.

The incidents have sparked debates and criticism from politicians and members of the public questioning the government’s ability to protect schools and ensure student safety. The ongoing threat of extremism within France’s education system, as seen in previous attacks on educators like Professor Samuel Paty and teacher Dominique Bernard, highlights this growing concern among stakeholders in the education sector.

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