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From nation to city-level emissions, measuring adaptation vs. mitigation, tracking climate finance from the public and private sectors, understanding worldwide climate ambitions and the action required to meet them demands a wealth of details. Information exists for several elements of climate alter, but with hundreds of platforms and numerous datasets, it can be hard to distinguish the finest details for a specific want, or to locate exactly where information gaps exist.

This interactive visual shows a matrix of much more than 80 big climate information platforms, displayed by subject (x-axis) and geographic level/scale (y-axis). Customers can also view this information as a filterable table or download it straight.

Prospective use instances involve:

  • Climate information analysts can locate the most relevant platform for their particular subject and the level at which they operate.
  • Funders and information creators can pinpoint information gaps, verify if there are current platforms on a topic to steer clear of redundancy of new operate, or leverage synergies by constructing on current operate.
  • City planners can locate information on peer cities’ emissions and climate actions, as properly as how these actions could possibly relate to national-level targets.
  • Selection makers hunting for particular information on policy, finance or other subjects can locate relevant information for a variety of scales, comparing policy or investment from a variety of cities, nations or regions.

Some of the notable patterns discovered in curating this dataset involve: an overarching concentrate on mitigation, power and nation-level information many platforms showcasing equivalent datasets and a basic lack of upkeep, even on meticulously constructed datasets. These all underscore a clear want to strengthen the world’s climate-connected information infrastructure.

This Information Visualization is element of our Climate System. Attain out to Irene Berman-Vaporis for much more details.

Johannes Friedrich, Hannah Roeyer, Sam Lumley and Denisse Delmonte

Principal Speak to
Irene Berman-Vaporis

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