Unimarkt branches to transition into franchises

Overcoming Challenges: The UNI Group’s Path to Profitability and Expansion in the 2023/24 Financial Year

In the past year, the UNI Group, comprised of Unimarkt Handelsgesellschaft, UNIWholesale, and UNILogistik, faced numerous challenges. One such challenge was the unprofitability of their online shops, which led to their closure. Additionally, a Constitutional Court ruling on opening times prompted a review of the 17 UNIBox locations and plans to convert all Unimarkt branches to franchises by 2024/25. Despite these difficulties, the group managed to achieve sales of approximately 474 million euros in the 2023/24 financial year, representing a 6% increase from the previous year.

Andreas Haider, owner and managing director of the UNI Group, acknowledged the challenges faced by the group in a press release. The concept of autonomous UNIBoxes aimed to serve areas without local suppliers but failed due to profitability issues after a VfGH ruling on opening hours. However, knowledge gained from these boxes has been utilized in the Nah&Frisch hybrid markets within the group. At the end of the financial year, there were 23 Nah&Frisch hybrid locations with plans to expand by 16 more in the next financial year.

Haider believes that hybrid supermarket concept is future as it helps offset challenges in finding employees. The UNI Group comprises UNIWholesale, UNILogistik, Unimarkt Handels GmbH and a 50% stake in convenience supplier unik (formerly Lekkerland). The group had around 3100 employees in the 2023/24 financial year with most based at headquarters company branches logistics and plan to expand its presence with more Nah&Frisch hybrid locations and operated Unimarkt branches.

In conclusion, despite facing significant challenges in recent years

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