Lineman’s journey to health leads to newfound appreciation for football

Overcoming Adversity: UTC’s Standout Offensive Lineman Fights Health Concerns to Make a Lasting Impact on the Team

In the summer of 2022, Bryce Goodner, a standout freshman offensive lineman from McMinn County, was diagnosed with a serious health concern that sidelined him for the entire season. Despite his absence, Goodner’s impact was felt on the team as he was a key player in the previous season.

The UTC offensive lineman missed the entire season due to his health concerns. His presence was sorely missed by the team, and his absence was felt throughout the season. However, Goodner’s health was the top priority, and he fought to overcome this obstacle with determination and spirit.

Goodner’s absence was noticeable during the Mocs’ 2023 schedule when he was unable to participate due to his health concerns. Despite his absence, Goodner’s impact was felt on the team as he was a standout player in 2022. He played a key role for the team but had to take a step back in 2023 due to his health condition.

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