Olkiluoto 3 Repair Work Delays Plague Progress

According to a report from The Power of Industry (TVO) service in X, delays are being experienced with the repair work on the triple reactor at the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant. The initial estimate for the completion of the repair, inspection, and testing work has been surpassed, and it is now expected that full production will begin between Tuesday and Wednesday night.

The most recent estimate suggests that power production from the triple reactor will begin on Tuesday, November 21 at 6 p.m., which is a delay from TVO’s previous estimate of production starting on that same Tuesday at noon. This interruption in electricity production occurred on Sunday evening due to a fault in the turbine plant. TVO has identified the cause of this failure as a faulty temperature measurement of the generator’s cooling system. However, they have assured that this event did not compromise nuclear safety.

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