Where Are the Knobs? Exploring Why Technology Can Be Challenging for Millennials.

Nostalgia for the Analog Era: A Digital Dinosaur’s Reflection on How Far We’ve Come

I remember when phones had cords and computers were the size of a room. Now, everything fits in the palm of your hand. It boggles my mind how far technology has come. But despite my efforts to keep up, I still find myself longing for the simplicity of the past.

Despite being a digital dinosaur, I still have a soft spot for the analog days. There was something satisfying about the tactile feedback of pushing a button or turning a knob. Now, everything is done with a swipe or a tap. It just doesn’t feel the same.

I miss the days of physical buttons and manual controls. So even though I may struggle with the latest gadgets, I’ll always appreciate the simplicity and nostalgia of the past.

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