Sources say AAC considering Tim Pernetti as next commissioner with sports background

Non-Traditional Candidate Tim Pernetti Excitedly Eyes Commissioner Role in American Athletic Conference

Tim Pernetti, the former president of IMG Academy and a seasoned professional in college sports, is reportedly being considered as the next commissioner of the American Athletic Conference (AAC) by sources at ESPN. Pernetti brings a wealth of experience to the table, having previously served as the athletic director at Rutgers and as the Chief Business officer for New York City FC in Major League Soccer.

The appointment of Pernetti comes at a crucial time for the AAC, which has recently welcomed several new teams to its roster. The conference currently boasts a television contract with ESPN that runs until 2031-32, providing an opportunity for Pernetti to further strengthen its relationships with key stakeholders.

Pernetti’s early career saw him working in various positions at CSTV, ABC sports and ABC Enhanced TV before he became the athletic director at Rutgers. Despite his setback following a scandal involving his basketball coach’s abusive behavior, Pernetti has since excelled in his career and his diverse background in television, college sports and on-campus experience make him an ideal candidate for the commissioner role.

The trend towards non-traditional hires in commissioner positions is growing, with Pernetti being one of the latest examples of this shift. His appointment will be closely watched by fans and stakeholders alike as he takes up his new role.

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