Roswell Welcomes New Truman Health Services Clinic operated by UNM

New UNM Clinic Provides Vital HIV and Sexual Health Care to Southeastern New Mexico, Addressing Rising Rates of STIs and HIV

The City of Roswell is now home to UNM’s Truman Health Services Clinic, providing vital HIV and sexual health care to people across southeastern New Mexico. The facility offers primary care, testing, and prevention services for HIV and sexually transmitted infections, addressing a need that has existed in the area for some time.

Recent public data shows that HIV rates in Chaves County alone have increased by 52% over the past 16 years. To address this issue, Dr. Michelle Iandioro, medical director for UNM Truman Health Services, notes disparities in STI and HIV rates across the state, particularly in areas with limited access to healthcare and prevention resources. The new clinic aims to help people know their status, access prevention services, and receive treatment closer to home.

Before the opening of the Truman Health Services Clinic, Roswell only had a mobile unit that visited once a month to provide HIV treatment. With the new facility in place, people can now seek help without having to travel long distances. Dr. Gary Mlady, interim CEO & president of the UNM medical group, emphasizes the importance of expanding healthcare access to all New Mexicans, regardless of their location.

UNM is taking steps to ensure that healthcare services are more accessible throughout the state with the new clinic in Roswell and its center for telehealth. This initiative is crucial in addressing rising rates of STIs and HIV in southeastern New Mexico and providing essential care to those who need it.

The arrival of UNM’s Truman Health Services Clinic marks a significant milestone in providing quality health care services to residents across southeastern New Mexico. The clinic will offer primary care services alongside testing and prevention services for HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), addressing a longstanding need for such facilities in the area.

Dr. Michelle Iandioro explains how disparities exist between STI and HIV rates across New Mexico’s various regions. These disparities are particularly pronounced where there is limited access to healthcare or prevention resources.

The goal of UNM’s new clinic is to make it easier for people seeking help without having to travel long distances by offering comprehensive care closer to home.

Before the opening of this clinic, residents could only rely on a mobile unit that visited once per month for HIV treatment.

Dr Gary Mlady highlights how expanding accessibility of healthcare services should be extended beyond urban areas into rural communities as well.

In addition to its efforts at Roswell’s clinic opening, UNM has been working towards increasing telehealth options throughout New Mexico which makes healthcare more accessible than ever before.

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