New Study Reveals Shocking Disparity in CO2 Emissions Between the Rich and Poor

The richest 1 percent of the world’s population, which consists of 77 million people, is responsible for producing as much carbon pollution as the poorest 5 billion people, who make up two-thirds of humanity. This is according to a report by Oxfam that will be published on the eve of the United Nations climate summit in Dubai. Amitabh Behar, interim director of Oxfam International, stated that it is clearer than ever that ending the age of fossil fuels and saving millions of lives and our planet is impossible until we also end the era of extreme wealth.

The report titled “Climate Equality: A Planet for the 99%” was based on research in collaboration with a Swedish research institute, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), and assessed consumption emissions of different income groups in 2019. According to Oxfam Belgium, the study shows a deep gap between the carbon footprint of the super-rich and the majority of people around the world. The richest 10 percent were reportedly responsible for half of CO₂ emissions. Each year, their emissions would wipe out carbon dioxide savings from nearly a million wind turbines.

On average, a person in the bottom 99 percent emits an average of 4.1 tons of carbon per year, while a survey conducted by SEI shows that a person in

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