Teacher from the Potlatch School District wins grant award from the Idaho Education Technology Association

New Interactive Whiteboard Grant Brings Tech-Enhanced Learning to Potlatch School District’s 3rd Graders

The Potlatch School District is thrilled to announce that 3rd Grade Teacher Brianna Burkgart has been awarded a $1,649.00 grant from the Idaho Education Technology Association (IETA). This grant will allow Mrs. Burkgart to purchase a new interactive whiteboard for her 3rd-grade classroom.

Mrs. Burkgart was honored with this award at the IETA Conference, which took place from February 7 to 9, 2024, at the Boise Center in Boise, ID. The conference aimed to promote and support the use of technology in Idaho classrooms and enhance student learning.

The Potlatch School District is grateful for the funding provided by IETA and recognizes the impact it will have on Mrs. Burkgart and her students. Introducing this technology into the classroom will create new opportunities for instruction and increase student engagement.

The IETA is a non-profit organization that works towards enhancing student learning by promoting and supporting the use of technology in Idaho classrooms. This grant program is just one of many initiatives that IETA offers to educators in the state of Idaho.

With this new interactive whiteboard, Mrs. Burkgart will be able to provide her students with more engaging lessons and interactive activities that will help them learn more effectively. She can also use this technology to collaborate with other teachers and share resources across different classrooms.

Overall, this grant program highlights the importance of technology in education and how it can be used to improve student outcomes. By providing funding for innovative technologies like this interactive whiteboard, organizations like IETA are helping educators create more effective learning environments for their students.

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