New Fuel Price Rates in Effect: Save Money Today

In an effort to provide relief to consumers, the government has announced new prices for oil derivatives that will be in effect for the next two weeks. These prices took effect today and represent a reduction in cost compared to the previous prices. The new prices are: 1.44 EUR/l (10.85 kn/l) for gasoline fuel, 1.46 EUR/l (11.00 HRK/l) for diesel fuel, 0.92 EUR/l (6.93 HRK/l) for blue diesel, 1.17 EUR/kg (8.82 HRK/kg) LPG for tanks, and 1.73 EUR/kg (13.03 HRK/kg) LPG for bottles.

The Government stated that without their measures, the prices would have been significantly higher: 1.57 EUR/l (11.83 kn/l) for gasoline fuel, 1.61 EUR/l (12,13 kn/l) for diesel fuel, 1.01 EUR/l (7

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