Myanmar’s military government implements conscription law

Myanmar’s Compulsory Military Service: Balancing National Security and Conflict Resolution

The government in Myanmar has announced compulsory military service for all young men and women as the country’s turmoil continues. This move comes after a series of defeats against ethnic militias and anti-coup fighters. Under the new law, all men aged 18-35, and women aged 18-27, will be required to serve at least two years under military command.

In a statement, the junta said it would release necessary bylaws, procedures, announcements orders, notifications and instructions. Despite recent humiliating defeats by ethnic insurgent armies in Shan State, the military-installed president of Myanmar has warned that the country is in danger of breaking apart if fighting could not be brought under control. A law allowing conscription was introduced in Myanmar in 2010 but has not been enforced until now. Under this legislation, terms of service can be extended up to a period of five years during a state of emergency. Those ignoring summons to serve can instead be jailed for the same period.

A state of emergency was announced by the country’s junta in 2021 and was recently extended for a further six months. Myanmar had endured almost 50 years of rule under oppressive military regimes before the move towards democracy in 2011. On 1 February 2021, the military announced it had taken control of the country. Since then, disorders and fighting have affected the country ever since, with more than one million people being displaced and thousands killed. The performance of the army in its recent battles with ethnic armed groups has sparked criticisms and doubts among its supporters.

The government’s decision to implement compulsory military service is seen as an effort to strengthen its control over the country amidst ongoing conflicts with various armed groups. However, critics argue that it may further escalate tensions and lead to further unrest.

It remains to be seen how this move will impact Myanmar’s future prospects for peace and stability. The government must carefully consider its actions and ensure that they do not exacerbate existing tensions or create new ones.

In conclusion, Myanmar’s government has announced compulsory military service for all young men and women as it seeks to maintain control over

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