Report: Musk, Trump, and Peltz Have Breakfast Meeting with Their Sons

Musk, Trump and Billionaire Alliance: A Closer Look at Their Surprising Breakfast Meeting

In March, a surprising turn of events occurred when former President Donald Trump and billionaire Elon Musk had breakfast together at the estate of another billionaire, Nelson Peltz, in Palm Beach, Florida. The meeting was first reported by The Wall Street Journal, but later confirmed by the New York Times.

During the meeting, the men discussed various topics including Joe Biden’s presidency and voter fraud. Despite voter fraud being rare in the US, it has become a point of interest for Trump since the 2020 election. Musk and Peltz have been working on a “data-driven” project to combat voter fraud.

Interestingly, the meeting included the sons of the billionaires as well – Diesel Peltz, Barron Trump, and Musk’s toddler X were all present. This meeting is just one example of how Musk and Trump’s relationship has evolved from being at odds with each other to potentially becoming an influential alliance.

Representatives for both the Trump campaign and Musk have not yet commented on the breakfast meeting or any potential role for Musk in the White House if Trump is re-elected in November. However, it seems that their relationship has shifted from public disagreements to a more collaborative approach.

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