Mixed Opening at European Stock Exchange Amidst Surge in New Car Registrations

In London, the FTSE index was down 0.1 percent while the DAX was up 0.2 percent in Frankfurt. In Paris, the CAC 40 index was down 0.1 percent, and the OMXS30 index in Stockholm was also down 0.1 percent. However, the Euro Stoxx 600 index was up 0.1 percent overall.

Meanwhile, Europe’s car market grew significantly in October with an increase of new car registrations by 14.6 percent compared to a year ago. France led the way with a rise of 21.9 percent, followed closely by Italy (20%), Spain (18.1%), and Germany (4.9%). The market share of electric cars also rose to 14.2 percent from last year’s percentage of 12%.

On another note, it has been revealed that the net borrowing rate of Britain’s public sector reached its second-highest level since 1993 in October at £14.9 million pounds, which exceeded the forecasted amount of £13.7 million pounds for that month. This news comes as futures predict a bearish opening for Wall Street on Wednesday morning.

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