Midi Health collaborates with Neurotrack to address cognitive issues during menopause

Midi Health and Neurotrack Partner to Provide Quick Cognitive Screening for Midlife Women’s Health

Recently, Midi Health, a clinic that specializes in midlife women’s health, partnered with Neurotrack, a digital cognitive assessment company. This collaboration allows Midi Health clinicians to send patients a quick Neurotrack cognitive screening that can be completed on a smartphone, tablet, or computer in just three minutes.

Patients who receive low scores on the Neurotrack screening will be referred to providers for a more detailed evaluation. While brain fog during menopause is common, it does not necessarily indicate a higher risk of dementia. However, this screening provides reassurance for most women and could help detect early signs of dementia for some.

Midi Health recently secured $25 million in Series A funding to expand access to its services nationwide and has received support from Google Ventures, Operator Collective, Felicis, and others. Meanwhile, Neurotrack, based in Silicon Valley, raised $10 million in 2022 and has partnered with insurance provider Nationwide to simplify the long-term care underwriting process. Their cognitive screening process has significantly reduced the time needed for evaluations, making it more efficient and accessible for patients.

This partnership between Midi Health and Neurotrack is expected to provide valuable resources to women seeking answers about their brain fog symptoms. With this quick and easy test available through Midi Health clinics across the country, women can now receive accurate information about their brain health while also receiving expert advice from trained healthcare professionals at Midi Health.

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