Kin: Microsoft’s answer to the latest iPhone and Android smartphones in 2008

Microsoft’s Forgotten Struggle to Keep Up with the Smartphone Revolution: The Rise and Fall of Windows Kin

In the first decade of the 21st century, the emergence of iOS operating systems for the iPhone and Android platforms, as well as the legendary HTC Dream, spurred Microsoft to act. The company responded with the development of Windows Kin, a product that was largely forgotten but marked a pivotal moment in their struggle to keep up with new smartphone technology. According to a report from Xataka, this period saw intense competition between brands like Apple, Google, and Samsung.

Microsoft had been producing mobile devices for several years prior to Windows Kin’s launch, with Windows Phone being their flagship product. However, in response to increasing competition from other smartphone makers, Microsoft felt compelled to make changes and develop Windows Kin. This decision caused internal strife within Bill Gates’ company as they grappled with how best to adapt and stay relevant in the fast-paced world of mobile technology.

By the time Apple released the iPhone in 2010, Microsoft had already been working on their own project called ‘Microsoft Pink’ or ‘Project Pink,’ which was led by James Allard and completely independent of Andy Lees’ work on Windows Phone. Despite having different visions for where Microsoft should go in smartphones, both teams were determined to succeed and create a successful future for the company.

Ultimately, it was Andy Lees who emerged victorious in this internal battle and took charge of leading the development of Windows Kin. In April 2010, Microsoft officially unveiled Windows Kin to the public with a strong focus on social networking and communication. The marketing campaign faced criticism for promoting questionable behaviors and promoting what some perceived as negative messages about privacy concerns. Two devices were launched under this brand name: Kin ONE and Kin TWO which featured capacitive touch panels cameras and sliding QWERTY keyboards but lacked many essential features such as an app store games calendar app synchronization with Outlook instant messaging apps., Moreover keyboard design was also subpar. Despite these shortcomings, only around 500 units were sold at launch before being withdrawn from

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