Stellantis Agrees to Voluntary Exit of 1,520 Employees

Metalworking Unions and Stellantis Agree on Voluntary Exit Program for 1,520 Workers in Turin: Adapting to Economic Challenges and Finding a Sustainable Future

In a major development, metalworking unions in Turin and Stellantis have reached an agreement for the voluntary exit of 1,520 workers from 21 group companies in the area. This decision comes as part of efforts to address the current economic challenges faced by the company. Uilm, a prominent workers’ union, made the announcement.

Of the 1,520 workers being incentivized to leave, 733 are from central structures (employees and managers) while 300 are from the Mirafiori body shops. This decision reflects the need to streamline operations and adapt to changing market conditions. According to Luigi Paone, general secretary of Uilm Turin, the high number of exits requested by the company highlights the severity of the current situation.

Paone emphasizes the urgency of engaging with Stellantis and relevant institutions to develop a comprehensive plan for the future of Mirafiori and its workforce. The goal is to create a sustainable path for growth and prosperity, ensuring the long-term viability of operations in the area. This agreement marks a crucial step towards securing the company’s future in Turin amidst the challenging economic environment.

The voluntary exit program will begin in January 2023 and continue until June 2024. Workers who choose to participate will receive a financial package that includes severance pay, health insurance coverage, and outplacement assistance. The program is designed to help workers transition smoothly into new careers or industries.

Stellantis has stated that it aims to use this opportunity to streamline its operations in Italy and improve its competitiveness on a global scale. The company has been grappling with declining sales and rising production costs over recent years, which have put pressure on its profitability.

The decision by Stellantis and metalworking unions in Turin highlights how companies are adapting to changing market conditions by cutting costs and streamlining operations. It also underscores how important it is for employers and employees alike to work together towards finding solutions that benefit everyone involved.

Overall, this agreement represents a significant milestone for both Stellantis and metalworking unions in Turin as they work together towards creating a more sustainable future for themselves and their communities.

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