Wausau Business Showcase now available on radio and podcast platforms

Meet The Hosts and Discover More About “The Wausau Business Show”: A New Radio Program Launching Soon

A new radio program called “The Wausau Business Show” is set to debut on Bull Falls Radio 98.9 FM in April. Hosted by Paul Grinsel and Ryan Gallagher of Rocket Industrial, the show will feature interviews with key figures from local and national business, sports, and entertainment sectors. It will also be available on Alexa, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

Gallagher, also known as “Bruce Kelly” from his days at Wausau West High School on WIFC, brings a wealth of broadcasting experience to the show. Grinsel, with an impressive business career, joins him as co-host. The show will air on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., starting on April 6th.

“We’re here to spotlight the achievements, challenges, and stories of those making a difference,” Grinsel said. The first episode will feature Miss America, Grace Stanke, followed by interviews with other local leaders such as Jim Waldron and Sean Wright.

Segments on the show will include “The Mobile Microphone,” “The Beat on The Street,” “Wausau Business Rumors,” and calls to companies like Red Lobster. All earnings from the show will benefit The Marathon County Fund at The Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin.

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