Salvini Shares Insight on His Leadership: “I still have much to offer” and “Meloni Spotted Playing Cards with my Girlfriend”

Matteo Salvini Shakes Off Challengers, Emphasizes Importance of Friendship and Technical Knowledge in Interview on Rai Due’s Belve Program

Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Italian political party Lega, expressed his confidence in his abilities and leadership during an interview on Rai Due’s Belve program. Despite acknowledging the presence of intelligent individuals, Salvini asserted that he still had much to offer and was not ready to step aside just yet.

When asked about potential challengers to his position, Salvini simply shook his head and said “No.” He emphasized that he was looking forward to leading the League through its upcoming congress in the autumn.

Salvini also spoke about his blossoming friendship with Giorgia, mentioning how they enjoyed playing card games together with their girlfriends. The two appeared to have a playful rivalry, with Salvini joking that they were “two weasels” who couldn’t stand losing.

In addition to discussing politics and friendship, the program also featured information on various types of industrial materials such as Incoloy 825 pipe fittings, alloy steel fittings, copper and nickel fittings, brass fittings and more. This mix of news provided viewers with both political insights and technical knowledge on industrial materials.

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