The Power of Influence: Exploring the Art and Science of MKTG 0003

Mastering the Art and Science of Influence: A Course for Enhancing Communication Skills with Penn State’s Wharton School

In the world of communication and marketing, understanding the power of persuasion is essential. From political speeches to advertising campaigns, influence plays a crucial role in shaping our opinions and actions. That’s why MKTG 0003: The Art and Science of Influence is such an important course for anyone looking to improve their communication skills.

In this comprehensive course, students will learn about the latest theories and methods in contemporary persuasive communication. They will examine cognitive and emotional biases that can impact how we perceive messages, as well as practical tactics for data visualization, numerical communication, and persuasive writing. Through these techniques, students will gain a deeper understanding of the mechanisms that shape our choices and actions in a world full of persuasive forces.

By the end of the course, students will be able to create persuasive messages based on research and theory, explain why certain techniques work using relevant research and theory, and incorporate class materials into a knowledgeable persuasive campaign. With its focus on both science-based techniques and real-world application, MKTG 0003: The Art and Science of Influence is sure to be an enlightening experience for any student looking to enhance their communication skills.

For high school juniors and seniors interested in pursuing higher education at Penn State’s Wharton School, the Pre-baccalaureate Program offers an exceptional opportunity to take Wharton online courses with academic intensity. By participating in this program, students can earn a Wharton transcript and gain college credit for each completed course. With six sessions available to choose from, students have the flexibility to explore the full range of Wharton’s business education curriculum while receiving built-in academic support throughout their journey towards success at Penn State.

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