Male Seminary Recreation Center provides a range of sports leagues and services for men.

Markoma: The Inclusive Recreation Center Promoting Movement and Wellness for All Ages and Abilities

The Male Seminary Recreation Center, also known as “Markoma,” is a unique recreation center located in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. It offers a variety of sports leagues for people of all ages and abilities, including volleyball, basketball, pickleball, cornhole, and softball. Cherokee Nation citizens can access gym equipment and fitness classes free of charge while non-citizens can join for a membership fee of $20.

The center is dedicated to promoting movement and wellness for all ages and abilities. They host different leagues throughout the year starting with the fall basketball league in November. Additionally, there is a senior’s class that meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday where they play chair volleyball and enjoy staying active.

Interested individuals can call 918-453-5496 to learn more about participating in the leagues or accessing the gym equipment and classes available at the center. The center is open daily with varying hours from Monday to Thursday, Friday, and weekends.

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