Eating from 5 Food Groups Can Aggravate Rheumatoid Arthritis

Managing Rheumatoid Arthritis: How to Eat for Healthy Joints and Avoid Triggers

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic autoimmune condition that causes the immune system to attack healthy tissues in the body, leading to inflammation in the joints and causing pain and swelling. Individuals with this disease should consider limiting their intake of organ meats, animal protein, high-fat foods, and sweets in order to help manage the disease.

Animal protein, especially red meat and poultry, can trigger inflammatory responses in the joints and worsen symptoms of arthritis. High-fat foods can also increase inflammation in the joints and contribute to pain. It is recommended to avoid animal fats and prioritize unsaturated fats from plant-based sources. Additionally, individuals with arthritis should steer clear of sugary snacks and foods high in salt as these can also worsen symptoms and have negative effects on overall health.

Consumption of animal organs should be limited as they contain cholesterol and other substances that can exacerbate joint pain and contribute to the progression of arthritis. Maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding alcohol and tobacco, and supplementing with natural nutrients are also important for managing rheumatoid arthritis. It is crucial for individuals with this disease to follow the guidance of a healthcare provider, adhere to prescribed medication, have regular check-ups, and properly manage symptoms during flare-ups.

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