Latest News on Health Care Market Negotiations

The German pharmaceutical-and-agricultural group, Bayer, is facing challenges on multiple fronts that are hastening the need to consider strategic options. According to analysts at Jefferies, the halt of a late-stage clinical trial of experimental cardiovascular drug asundexian pushes financial risk to the edge while share-price falls increase sensitivity to rising provisions and potential trial losses in a legal battle over its Roundup weedkiller. This suggests that Bayer might need to sell assets and scrap dividends to buy time. However, this may not be enough for large-scale investments needed in its pharma business, Jefferies says. As a result, Jefferies has cut its recommendation on the stock from buy to hold. Despite this news, shares trade 0.3% higher following Monday’s heavy losses. ( Copyright ©2023 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 87990cbe856818d5eddac44c7b1cdeb8.

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