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The La Salle County Overall health Division is drawing awareness to Planet TB Day, set Friday, March 24.

This is the 141st anniversary of Robert Koch’s discovery of the TB bacillus. When Koch announced his discovery on March 24, 1882 in Berlin, Germany, tuberculosis was accountable for the death of a single of every single seven men and women living in Europe and the United States.

Planet TB Day 2023′s theme is, “Yes! We can finish TB!”

The overall health division emphasized it is critical to “Think, Test, and Treat TB.” TB nevertheless a life-threatening dilemma, and it impacts men and women across the United States. TB knows no borders, and men and women in the United States are suffering from it. The theme’s style is to create public awareness tuberculosis these days remains an epidemic in substantially of the globe causing the deaths of quite a few million men and women every year.

The disruptions triggered by the pandemic have led to elevated mortality from TB, decreased the quantity of men and women diagnosed and treated for TB, and dangerously impacted the rights of men and women with TB, the overall health division stated in its press release. The common symptoms of TB illness consist of feeling sick or weak, weight loss, fever and evening sweats. TB of the lungs causes the common symptoms plus coughing, in some cases creating blood, and chest discomfort.

TB is triggered by an organism known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis. When a individual with active TB illness coughs or sneezes, tiny particles containing M. tuberculosis could be expelled into the air. If a further individual inhales air that consists of these particles, transmission from a single individual to a further could take place. Not every person infected, nonetheless, with the TB germ becomes sick as a outcome, two TB associated circumstances exist latent TB infection (LTBI) and active TB illness – each of which are treatable and curable. There are an estimated 13 million men and women in the United States with latent TB infection, and about ten% of these infected folks will create TB illness at some point in their lives. TB is not a illness of the previous, TB can infect any person.

Nowadays, 1/three of the world’s population is infected with TB and about two million men and women die of this illness every year, even even though it is curable. To uncover out much more about TB, or to see about finding tested for a probable TB exposure, make contact with the La Salle County Overall health Division at 815-433-3366 or stop by its web-site at

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