Innovation Award: Release System Recognized for Technological Advancements

Koppert Takes Home First Prize in Fruit Logistica Innovation Award for Revolutionary Pest Control Solution

Koppert’s innovative solution for pest control, Mirical, has been recognized with the first prize in the international Fruit Logistica Innovation Award Technology. The award was presented at a ceremony on February 9th in Berlin, Germany.

Koppert is known for its commitment to innovation and continuous product development. Tim Bossinga, product manager at Koppert, said: “Innovation is at the core of our DNA. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and provide better solutions to our customers.”

One of their latest innovations is replacing plastic product packaging with corrugated cardboard. According to Koppert, the corrugated strips form a natural habitat for beneficial bugs like Mirical. This enables them to hide and distribute themselves more effectively during transportation, ensuring they arrive in optimal condition. The company also notes that this packaging reduces clumping while improving bug distribution in the crop, which can benefit performance and whitefly control.

Mirical is a generalist pest predator that feeds on various pests such as greenhouse whiteflies, tobacco whiteflies, eggs and caterpillars of the tomato leaf miner moth, and other moths. It also feeds on two-spotted spider mites and aphids. The product was launched in France last year.

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