Kemira’s year-end pace slowed due to decrease in chemical prices – Economy

Kemira Boosts Profitability Despite Net Sales Decrease and Oil & Gas Business Sale

Kemira, a leading industrial chemical company, has announced a dividend payment of EUR 0.68 per share for the year. Despite experiencing a decrease in net sales in October-December, Kemira’s operating EBITDA increased by 17 percent from the previous year to reach a record high of 667 million euros. The decrease in net sales was attributed to lower sales prices of energy-intensive pulp and bleaching chemicals. However, the sale of the Oil & Gas business led to a shrinking actual operating profit of just under 113 million euros. Despite this, Kemira’s profitability remained strong throughout the year, with its turnover reaching 3.38 billion euros and its operating profit increasing to 463 million euros. The proposed dividend is designed to reward shareholders for their continued support of the company’s growth and success.

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