Instances of Kela subsidy abuse are infrequent

Kela’s Income Register Reduces Suspicions of Abuse in Social Benefits, but Basic Income Support Still Has the Most Cases

Kela has confirmed that the income register has reduced suspicions of abuse in some social benefits, with just under half of all paid benefits being suspected of abuse last year. The number of suspected abuses has remained low between 2018 and 2023, with basic income support having the most suspicions of abuse, followed by unemployment insurance and general housing support. In previous years, unemployment insurance accounted for the largest share of suspected abuse. The income register system has been effective in reducing suspicions of abuse for both unemployment insurance and housing allowance.

Cases of suspected abuse registered by Kela are based on customer consultations and decisions made by the organization. Abuse is considered when the beneficiary intentionally tries to obtain a benefit unjustifiably or more than they are entitled to. It is important for Kela to investigate these cases to ensure that social benefits are distributed fairly and effectively.

In addition to reporting on the reduction of suspected abuse in social benefits, Kela also covers a range of other topics such as healthcare policies and education reforms. The organization works tirelessly to provide accurate and up-to-date information on these issues, which can be valuable resources for policymakers, researchers, and members of the public alike.

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