Kaleidoscape Enters Cinema Industry with Launch of Library Service

Kaleidescape Expands into the Cinema Business with On-Demand Movie Service for Theaters

Kaleidescape, a luxury home entertainment tech company, has recently expanded into the cinema business. They offer an on-demand service for library titles to make older movie titles more accessible in theaters and create additional revenue opportunities for content owners and exhibitors. The Chief Operating Officer of Kaleidescape, Priscilla Morgan, explains that the company can bring a wide range of content back to the big screen by utilizing empty screens in theaters. Theater owners participating in the program will purchase Kaleidescape hardware, receive encrypted content, and handle the bookings and fulfillment processes without Kaleidescape taking a cut of the revenue so that the economic benefits go directly between the studios and exhibitors.

Several theater chains such as Alamo, Brenden, B&B Theatres, Cinema West, Classic Cinemas, Epic, Megaplex, and Star Cinema Grill are set to participate in a pilot program for this new service. Classic Cinemas CEO Chris Johnson expresses enthusiasm for the program, citing the access to a large library of titles and potential for increased revenue. By creating themes around library titles, such as featuring the early Indiana Jones movies before a new release, excitement can be generated among moviegoers.

In addition to their cinema expansion, Kaleidescape is collaborating with cinema tech developer GDC to integrate their service into the GoGoCinema app. This partnership will streamline the cinema on-demand experience and further enhance the accessibility of content for theaters and audiences alike.

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