High-tech employee’s heart attack during connection flights deemed work-related injury

Judge Ariela Gilzer-Katz’s Ruling Brings Clarity to Work-Related Heart Attack Compensation

The plaintiff’s appeal for financial compensation for his work-related heart attack was successful. Despite initial objections from the National Insurance Institute, which cited the plaintiff’s pre-existing heart problems and his decision not to seek medical treatment during his travels, Judge Ariela Gilzer-Katz of the Tel Aviv Labor Court determined that the number of connecting flights and duration of the flight constituted an unusual event. As a result, a medical expert was ordered to examine the causal connection between the heart attack and the flight.

The medical committee initially rejected the plaintiff’s claim, attributing his medical condition to his previous illness and stating that the surgical scar was not related to the work accident. However, after filing an appeal, the medical committee for appeals accepted the claims and determined a disability allowance of 32% for the plaintiff without reduction for his previous illness. He was entitled to a retroactive payment and future monthly allowance.

The National Insurance Institute responded by emphasizing their respect for Judge Gilzer-Katz’s ruling and expressing their respect for her decision. They acknowledged that such rulings can occur but highlighted their concern regarding frequent work flights as being unclear in relation to causality between them and heart attacks. Despite their initial objections, they recognized that this ruling is valid.

In conclusion, Judge Gilzer-Katz recognized that there is a causal connection between frequent work travel and heart attacks, even if it is not clear at first glance. Her decision provided support and assistance to those who suffer from such accidents while on business trips or traveling abroad for work purposes.

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