Join the Kootenai River Angler Science Program to Win Prizes and Contribute to Burbot Research

As a journalist, I am excited to share that reporting tags on burbot catches can greatly benefit the fishery in the Kootenai River. By doing so, you are contributing to Fish and Game’s understanding of burbot catch rates, harvest rates, and survival rates. This information is crucial in helping to improve the overall health of the fishery.

Not only does reporting tags help with conservation efforts, but it also comes with a reward value of $100! So why not give it a try this winter and see if you can catch one of these prized fish? If you do, be sure to report the tag number and location of where you caught the fish to Fish and Game. You can do this over the phone (1-866-258-0338), online or as part of the Angler Science Program creel packet.

For some, winter is a time to relax and unwind in their warm homes while sipping on hot drinks by the fire. But for others, it’s an exciting opportunity to test their skills at landing the elusive and once rare burbot in the Kootenai River. Whatever your reason for venturing out into the cold weather, make sure to keep an eye out for these valuable tags!

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