Javier Milei’s Countryside Development Proposals and Potential Government Partnerships

As Argentina’s president-elect, Javier Milei has expressed his unwavering support for the agricultural sector. He promised to intervene in the market and eliminate withholdings, which will significantly benefit this important sector that accounts for 70% of Argentina’s total exports. Milei’s government is set to focus on shrinking the state and eliminating taxes to foster growth in agriculture.

To oversee these agricultural policies, Milei appointed Fernando Vilella, an academic and former dean of UBA, along with other professionals from the agricultural sector. Vilella presented a paper outlining the key policies necessary for the agricultural industry to increase production while becoming more sustainable through bioeconomy-based practices.

The Argentine Rural Society and Confederations have both voiced their support for Milei’s government and its intentions to make a radical change in current agricultural policies. They are calling for tax cuts and elimination, hoping to see rapid growth in Argentina’s agricultural sector soon.

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