Ivošević Submits Complaint Against Plenković for Derogatory Remarks Regarding Milanović’s Statements

Bojan Ivošević, deputy mayor of Split, has filed a misdemeanor complaint against Prime Minister Andrej Plenković for insulting and belittling state bodies. The incident occurred during the illegal felling of a tree in Glagoljaška Street in Split, where Ivošević confronted the police and called them “men” and “not normal.”

Ivošević’s decision to take action came after he himself was sanctioned by the police earlier in the month and fined 700 euros for similar behavior towards the police. He wants to see if the police will be equally zealous when it comes to other state bodies being insulted and belittled.

Ivošević publicly announced his misdemeanor report against Plenković on Facebook, stating that he believes Mayor Ante Balov will act in a similar way as in similar cases and issue a misdemeanor order against the Prime Minister for his derogatory statements about President Zoran Milanović.

The deputy mayor filed his complaint at the 2nd police station, citing Plenković’s recent insults towards President Milanović. Ivošević hopes that this action will result in similar consequences as his own sanction for similar behavior towards the police.

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