Ivković: Luka’s Replacement by Baturini Marks a Significant Shift; Pašalić Remains Croatia’s Only Right Winger

Croatia will face Armenia in the final match of the group stage of the Euro qualifiers on Tuesday. This will determine which team will qualify for the tournament to be held in Germany next year.

The last match against Latvia, which Croatia won 2-0, was analyzed by HRT’s expert commentator Tomislav Ivković in the “Stadion” show. According to him, this victory was crucial because it meant that both Armenia and Wales had drawn, creating additional pressure on Croatia.

Dalić was clearly motivated as everyone on the team knew how important the game was. Despite playing on a poor pitch, Croatia scored two quick goals and maintained control of the game throughout. The early goals helped prevent any nervousness and allowed Croatia to focus on their tactics.

Ivković praised Modrić’s performance, especially his reaction to scoring a brilliant goal from an excellent pass that rebounded off his chest when it looked like he had missed it. He also highlighted how disciplined Brozović and Modrić were in not going forward at the same time during play, preventing potential counterattacks.

Kramarić brought back a lot with his performance and Guardiol played well in left back position despite playing differently than at City where he is more of a third stopper and playmaker than a left back who crosses lines. Baturina made his debut against Latvia and impressed Ivković with his versatility, while Pašalić performed excellently as well.

Looking ahead to their match against Armenia, Ivković emphasized that Croatia needed to play a tactically disciplined game if they wanted to win. He believed that their quality was not questionable but their ability to stay focused would be key in determining whether they would make it to Germany next year.

In conclusion, Croatia needs to maintain its focus and discipline in order to beat Armenia in their final match of the group stage of Euro qualifiers next Tuesday.

France is currently seen as one of the favorites for next year’s tournament according to Ivković

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