Israeli Attack on Gaza Hospital Leaves 12 Palestinians Dead

Israeli tanks have been deployed around a hospital in northern Gaza, where 12 Palestinians were killed and dozens wounded, according to the enclave’s health ministry. The building, Hospital Indonesia, was opened in 2016 with funding from Indonesian organizations and ceased operations like many other health facilities in Gaza. However, ministry spokesman Ashraf Al-Kidra said there were approximately 700 people inside, including medical personnel and the wounded.

On the other side of Gaza Strip, run by the Palestinian Islamist organization Hamas, at least 14 Palestinians were killed in two Israeli airstrikes on homes in Rafah near the border with Egypt. The Israeli military issued a statement with video footage of airstrikes and soldiers going door-to-door, saying it had killed three Hamas commanders and a group of Palestinian fighters but did not provide exact locations.

As fighting continues between Hamas militants and Israeli forces, US and Israeli officials said an agreement to free some hostages in the Palestinian enclave was getting closer. Some of the humanitarian aid is entering through the Rafah crossing on the border with Egypt, where 40 trucks with field equipment are expected later. According to a press release from the border service of Gaza Strip, Emirati Hospital is one of those receiving aid.

Israel promised to destroy Hamas after the militant group attacked Israel on October 7th which resulted in deaths of more than 1200 people and over 240 hostages taken captive by them. As we approach seven weeks since that event authorities in Gaza say that more than 13 thousand Palestinians have been killed during Israel’s bombardment campaign including over 5500 children.

On the ground, Hamas militants and Israeli forces are engaging in heavy fighting parts of Gaza Strip. Witnesses have reported occasional heavy fighting between Hamas militants and Israeli forces trying to advance on Jabalia which is home to over 100 thousand people that Israel says is key military stronghold

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